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Embark on a

deep journey

with our Psychedelic Retreat Programs

Experience the potential of psychedelics

Psychedelic Programs

Experiential Training Institute provides professional education in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy. We offer experiential trainings for mental health professionals and retreat programs for people who want to experience psychedelics in a safe and legal way. Our psilocybin containing truffle retreats offer a powerful and connective opportunity to dive in the psychedelic process deeply exploring mind, body and spirit.

The Oyster

We like to use the Oyster analogy. When you go in a deep sea of psychedelic experience we invite you to search for Oysters, because inside is often a pearl. The shell of the oyster can be our coping, our protection from vulnerability. Underneath the layers of vulnerability and shame is sometimes a pearl. Formed by a transformation process. What was painful and what was gritty gets turned into something precious. This pearl can be seen as the insight, the meaning of something difficult. 

Our mission

We are committed to offer psychedelic experiences in a professional and ethical way to find new perspectives and meaning


Mental health professionals

Do you want more than a theoretical understanding of psilocybin? This 5-day program is for mental health professionals, for personal and professional transformation.

Deepen your understanding of psychedelics and consolidate the experiential learning with meaningful insights about psychedelic practice.

  • First hand experience with psilocybin containing truffles

  • Learn about facilitating a psychedelic journey

  • PE accreditation points for members of NVP, NIP and FgzPT and more professional boards to follow

  • 5-day experiential training

  • excluding accomodation

€ 4500,-

€ 2850,-

  • 3-day retreat program

  • excluding accomodation

  • 3-day exclusive retreat program

  • excluding accomodation

€ 3500,-

Download brochure
Download brochure

Small groups

Are you curious about how psychedelics might support you in connecting to deeper levels of consciousness and are you searching for personal growth?

Our 3-day retreat program for small groups is designed to facilitate transformational changes in your life and it is medically supervised, legal and of the highest standard.

  • Small groups with max 6 participants

  • Personal growth

  • Professional guidance


Ready to take your professional and personal development to the next level?

In our individual program, you will get exclusivity, full discretion and our undivided attention. This program is suitable if you are ready to confront yourself on the deepest level.

  • Professional & personal development

  • Full discretion & exclusive

  • Leadership focus

Meet Jeanine


Break-through therapies is what Jeanine offers, in her client's lives and their relationships - helping you set new, positive trends going forward. You will come to know Jeanine as a dedicated professional who knows how to strike the right chord with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

  • Psychotherapist

  • Psychologist

  • Couples & Family Therapist

  • Sexologist

  • Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapist

Meet Jeanine Souren

About us

Meet Hans Van


Hans has many years of experience and is a deep source of wisdom when it comes to finding purpose and living life. Hans is a gentle professional who works successfully with many diverse methods and is now at the forefront of using psychedelics to pioneer changes in people's lives.

Couples & Family Psychotherapist
Bonding Psychotherapist

Meet Hans Van Wechem

Why choose us?

We offer training programs for mental health professionals and retreat programs for people who want to experience psychedelics in a safe and legal way. Our psilocybin containing truffle retreats offer a powerful and connective opportunity to dive in the psychedelic process, deeply exploring mind, body and spirit.

Psychiatrist &


Science based




Start strengthening yourself and

your relationships today

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Start strengthening yourself

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